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MESS Dumping Project

The goal of this project is to identify, acquire and dump the systems needed for emulation. The project strives to preserve all game consoles, handheld and computers (basically anything not found in an arcade). The MESS Dumping project parallels the work of the MAME Dumping Project. The project has a couple of different sub-pages:

Other Project Information


In order for the project to succeed, we need volunteers for various tasks. Two primary goals will be acquiring undumped systems and games, and then of course dumping them. Please add your name to the lists below if you're able to help. We need people in various regions to help facilitate purchases (such as on eBay), as well as people able to dump various types of hardware and software.


Adding your name to this list means you're willing to complete a transaction on eBay or similar sites in your part of the world, and then ship the item elsewhere. This will be particularly important when a seller won't ship internationally. You won't necessarily have to pay for it yourself, but should probably have a PayPal account to ease transfer of funds. You might also be asked to watch for wanted items. Ideally, each region should have multiple volunteers in case one is unavailable.


Once a wanted system or game is acquired, someone will need to dump it. Add your name here if you have expertise with a particular type of media. Ideally, each media type should have volunteers in multiple regions to divide the work and save on shipping.


How To:

Naming Convention

The general naming format for ROMs is [chip label].[location] for example, 136568.ic23 or 486slc.u19.