Felipe Sanches

I own a Minipro TL866CS Universal Programmer and a PLCC44→DIP40 adapter with which I am capable of dumping a wide range of ROM chips (in PLCC44 packaging or up to 40 pin DIP packaging).

I live in São Paulo, Brazil. If you need help dumping ROMs or shipping a specific Brazilian device, you can contact me at juca@members.fsf.org.

Even though the MAME/MESS project has been adopting a non-commercial additional licensing clause, I do allow commercial usage of my portion of all the code I ever contribute to the project according to the plain terms of the GPL license (version 2 or later). This is useful if you happen to use my code in another project or in case the other MAME/MESS developers happen to drop the non-commercial clause completely. I suggest that other developers consider doing the same.

Below are the devices I have been studying in order to create drivers in MESS:

3D Printers



Hewlett Packard
HENRY (Pinhais-PR Brazil)
DARUMA (São Paulo - Brazil)
CHRONOS (Porto Alegre - Brazil)

Phone Sets

Intelbras (Brazil)


TECNBRAS (São Paulo - Brazil)
DALE Electronics

CPU Cores


General New Feature Ideas

I have been wondering about a few things that could benefit the whole codebase in general, and not only specific drivers. Here I describe the ideas that I may implement someday, or maybe this can inspire some other developer to do so before I do it myself…