SNES Bugs in Current MESS

DISCLAIMER: This is a temporary page. Eventually, information from this page on not working games will be used to create, compile and update a software list for the Nintendo SNES / Super Famicom and its related consoles for MESS.

NOTE: If you add a bug report, please state exactly what is wrong and how it differs from expected behavior. Add a screen shot to illustrate the graphic issues, an audio attachment for sound issues. It's also important to state what SVN revision number or MESS version you are using to replicate the bug as well as the system in MESS you are using. Please keep the list alphabetical, if possible, so finding bugs entered will be easier.

Current List of Discovered Bugs in MESS

Last Updated: 2011-07-27 03:54:00

Games not working due to missing add-on chip emulation

A few comments about the last two: Tengai Makyou Zero lacks proper RTC emulation, hence it fails RTC tests and cannot start; SD Gundam GX partially works but suffers of incomplete DSP3 emulation like in all the other emulators

BS Satellaview (BS)

These games are not working due to missing additional hardware emulation

Sufami Turbo (ST)

These games must be run with the snesst driver

Games requiring Super FX support

These games must be run with the snessfx driver

Known games which are likely bad dumps

(REGRESS) Means worked on 04/06/2010 (MESS SVN r7740), before the cycle stealing routines were implemented.