Hardware Wanted

Device support

rc-core supports a fair amount of devices, but not all are supported well. If there is any IR hardware which does not work, please send it to me and I will fix linux support if at all possible. I can send it back once the work is complete, else I can add it my collection of IR hardware.

iMon SoundGraph

The iMon SoundGraph support is fine, but some particular devices are not well supported. I’m sure the early iMon Knob most likely does not work; and judging by various posts there are others which don’t work either. Having access to those devices would be very helpful.


The SIR driver was ported from lirc without having hardware to test it on. It would be great if it could be verified it actually worked. I think the early Thinkpad T60 (like the Core Solo models) had a SIR IR port.

Remotes (IR protocol support)

Any remote which can send (or receive!) rc-mm, xmp, grundig, bang & olufsen protocol would be very interesting. I could use that to write IR decoders and encoders.