What's coming in kernel v4.17 for rc-core

In kernel v4.17 there are only minor changes.


The rc_core_debug module parameter for the rc-core modules is gone. Debug must be enabled via dynamic debug.

Minor Fixes

There are minor fixes to ir-spi transmit and meson-ir timeout handling.


There is a new driver for the iMON Station, which is an external usb device (unlike most of the other iMON gear). It is a raw IR device, so it does no decoding in hardware.

The second new iMON feature is a decoder for the iMON PAD remotes. These remotes have their own protocol, which is decoded by the iMON Inside, iMON VFD or iMON Knob. I spent a fair amount of time decoding it, and I think this is the first time someone has figured out how it works. ir-keytable has be updated for this feature, which is not done yet. In the mean time, you can use it so:

ir-keytable -s rc0 -c -w /lib/udev/rc_keymaps/imon_pad
echo imon > /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols

mceusb learning mode and carrier report

Any mceusb device should have a wideband receiver for learning mode, which was not supported up until now. Learning mode should give you a more accurate reading, and can also measure the carrier. The downside is that the wideband receiver only works for short distances, so you have to hold your remote as close as possible to the IR receiver.

Using ir-ctl -m -r you can enable learning mode and carrier reports. The wideband receiver will remain enabled until you execute ir-ctl -M.