What's new in kernel v5.0 for rc-core

It has been a little quiet on the rc-core front, with just cosmetic changes in kernel v4.19 and v4.20. However, we do have two new features in kernel v5.0.

Mouse movement decoding in IR BPF

Some remotes have some sort directional pad or joystick which can be used as a mouse. When decoding using the lirc daemon, these are called lircmd.

From kernel v5.0 onwards the BPF function bpf_rc_pointer_rel(x, y) exists to report mouse movement. We use this to decode the iMON RSC remote protocol. This means that the SoundGraph iMON Station is now fully supported.

Driver for XBox DVD Remote

This is a usb device for the original XBox, and does not have a regular usb connector. You’ll need an adapter cable to make this work on non-XBox hardware.

This decoder only decodes IR from the remote the device comes with. I used the opportunity to figure out the protocol and now we have a decoder for this written in BPF, should you not have the decoder hardware.